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Jan. 22nd, 2009

Divination, the Occult, Sorcery, Metaphysics, Magic

My Working Altar

Greetings again. This is my working altar. If you notices, I have a piece of heavy, plate glass I use on top of my altar for several reasons. First it protects my altar cloth from damage (spilled oi, salt water, candle drippings);; it also serves to be a flame retardent measure in case a candle would fall over; finally it makes cleaning a breeze by wiping it down to using a straight razor blade to remove wax drippings. How did I accomplish this? Simple: I measured the top of my altar using a carpenter's extending/retracting ruler and took the dimensions to a glass company. They used plate glass - the kind used in high rise offices - which is almost unbreakable and flame retardent (at least to minimal candle flames). Then they beveled the edges so they were no threat and I brought it home and set it on top o fmy altar. It only cost me $14.00 to do that  Money well invested in my opinion!)

The altar itself is from an old Singer sewing machine stand. I removed the sewing machine and junked it then I took out the legs. I set it on the floor and there's plenty of room underneath to store materials or what-have-you. it works out nicely.

You'll notice that I also incorporate shelves. This is actually a former closet in a spare bedroom. I simply hung shelves up and use them to set ritual items & what-not on. I have a shelf unit on all three sides as you can see and it allows for me to set statues of my Spirits as well as crystals, stones, tools, oils and etc. You can get the materials to make your own shelves from either a Home Depot or Loewes and I believe all three shelves ended up costing me around $140.00 total. All you need is a drill, a level, a carpenters rule and some screws and you're in business.

Warmest Blessings,
'Real Sorcery 24/7'

Jan. 21st, 2009

Divination, the Occult, Sorcery, Metaphysics, Magic

Exploring LiveJournal

Greetings. Many of you know me from my Yahoo Groups and from my website, wwwmolochsorcery.com, and still others will know me from old group associations going back into the early 1990's. I am a practicing, professional Sorcerer and have been practicing since November 17th, 1987.

I originally got my start reading Buckland's 'big blue book' a.k.a. The Compleat Book of Witchcraft and I'm not sure how Ll-ewe-llyn misspell
ed the word 'complete' in the title! Regardless it is the book that got me started on the path to Sorcery. Oh I had read some stuff prior to that - a book on Healing, a book on Vodu (the religion) and a book on Witchcraft by Sybil Leek - but this was the first Metaphysical book of how to material that I ever picked up and read.

I later investigated the phone directory and discovered that there were these places called 'botanicas' all over South Florida and I found one nearby and met an old Obeah man who took me under his wing an taught me a great deal of Occult folklore, Biblical folklore, Metaphysics and old fashioned Southern RootWork-Conjure Sorcery. By having a teacher I had an advantage that most self-taught Occultists do not.

I am well versed in the arts of old fashioned Sorcery as well as Evocation and Summoning of Spirits. Those are my two passions and thus areas of expertise. Another field I'm a pioneer in is the art of Radinics and while that is not specifcally an Occult field, it is worthy to note that I have designed and built my own Hybrid Radionic/Sorcery instruments which are unlike anything else currently out on the market.

Even though I give off the appearance of 'tough, grizzled, mean old bastard' (I'm 45 now)  I assure you that I am approachable. Feel free to ask me a question or email me about some Sorcery or Evocation question.

Another area I'm very passionate about are what I call Modern Grimoires which are not just personal spellbooks of modern practitioners but also great spellbooks of those unsung heroes from the old line of Parker Publication books like Al G. Manning, Geoff Gray-Cobb & Frater Malak. With this blog, I hope to investigate and report some of my experiments using these Modern Grimoires.

Note too that I also have an ongoing blog at www.myspace.com/molochsorcery so feel free to stop by and read my blog. I have a LOT of projects going on so if it takes me a while to get to your email, please be patient. I will answer all - unless you're being a dick and then it just gets tossed into the Spam bin.

Peace! Power! Prosperity!
'Real Sorcery 24/7'